Internet Governance Forum 2018

I participated in Approaches to a Wicked Problem: Stakeholders Promote Enhanced Coordination and Collaborative, Risk-Based Frameworks of Regional and National Cybersecurity Initiatives. This debate session took place on Day 3 of the Internet Governance Forum. Continue reading

ICTs and Inclusive Sustainable Development

This week, we discussed the role information and communication technology (ICTs) play in inclusive sustainable development. In this post, I will discuss how ICTs affect sustainable development, how ICTs are integrated into the UN SDGs, and how NTIA’s Falling Through the Net pertains to persons with disabilities (if it does at all). I will end with how ICTs relate to my capstone project.

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Inclusive Education

This week, we discussed disability-inclusive education. In this post, I define what that is, what it looks like in the classroom, and the benefits it has for social and economic development. I also discuss the role ICTs play. I finish my post by discussing how inclusive education is integrated into the CRPD and the UN SDGs.  Continue reading