Development Theory

There are different ways that people view development, different measures to go about it, and different definitions used to reach sustainable development goals. Many times people are faced with limitations and unfreedoms that block agendas and treaties from being implemented or pursued (Class Lecture). The class discussions and readings allowed me to better understand why it is that we are faced with obstacles when trying to further positive political, socio-economic and environment agendas.

Amartya Sen, who redefined development, mentions that there are no limitations to development; however, when closely viewing a society’s terms of living, there are a number of restrictions that hinder the community from being able to continue with its development. Participation is an important part of development, but it becomes difficult to do so when a community must conform to the established regulations and norms that take away the majority of their freedom. This form of unfreedom hinders many societies from being able to develop as a society (Sen). Why is it that it has been established that there aren’t any limitations on how to measure development but limitations on how to implement such measures so that a society can prosper?

Other than the concept of freedom to develop, I was aware that markets play a major role on how a country and its people can develop.  Inclusive economic institutions play a key role in encouraging development, but when countries decide to focus on a more “extractive economic institutions”, this can actually lead to poverty in the long-run even if this was used for short-term purposes (Why Nations Fail). Developed countries should continue to focus in creating inclusive economic institutions that underdeveloped countries should follow as well. This can then be able to create “increasing incentives for entrepreneurialism and economic growth in the long run (Why Nations Fail).

All the research that has been compiled is to be able to create a better understanding of development and its studies. In many different ways, we are all affected by developments and many researchers within the field of development theories are very much interested in making sure that their research turns into policy to aid in inclusive sustainable developments (Development Studies). Gaining more knowledge in this topic will help everyone better understand how to manage development and the different obstacles that come with it. Different disciplines should be used to advance the number of sustainable development ideas and goals.