SDGs and the HLPF

The SDGs, as discussed in class, are a framework to continue sustainable development goals that were put in place by the MDGs. By countries adhering to these targets and projects, it enables them to compare how well each country is implementing and enforcing the targets and indicators. Measuring the impact(s) of the goals is important in knowing how well the countries are adapting to the enforced/implemented targets. Compared to the MDGs, the SDGs are more focused in the disability inclusion (Class lecture). Because it is an international goal, there must be an organization overseeing that all the targets are being ratified and implemented. This is where the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) steps in. As an organization that is said to be inclusive, they are the most exclusive organization (Class lecture). The requirements for someone to be a part of the HLPF discussions limit a large number of people who would benefit in being a part of the discussion, including those that are part of the Major Groups. This goes against Sen’s view of how democracy is an important part of developing and strengthening development (Sen). It is true that people have to acknowledge the fact that many institutions cannot be viewed as a “mechanical device for development” (Sen), but as an organization that specifically deals in overseeing the implementation of sustainable development, they should be democratic in the way they manage discussions and who can participate in them.

Since the main goal of the SDGs is to continue promoting and implementing inclusive sustainable developments, reading the Universal Declaration of Human Rights made me realize that the HLPF is not abiding by the basic rights that humans have to make sure that sustainable developments can progress in their country. Countries must abide by the UDHR to make sure that any changes occurring within a developed/developing country do not hinder a person’s or community’s desire to progress with their sustainable development. The same way that this document lets all people have the basic rights and freedoms that they are entitled to, I believe the HLPF should give whomever wishes to participate in the discussion, the opportunity to view how they are managing an international dilemma (UDHR). In addition, every person/community has the right to education, health and social security (UDHR). The SDGs intend to continue implementing universal education and health so that developing nations and their Major Groups can continue to prosper.