Internet Governance

The Internet Governance Forum through the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs serves as a multistakeholder process to manage internet access and behavior. The Internet Governance Forum Code of Conduct directly calls for 6 things: Treat all members of the IGF community equally, Act in a reasonable and informed manner when participating in any IGF Platform, Listen and respect all views of stakeholders when considering policies, facilitate transparency in policy discussions, act fairly and in good faith with other participants, promote ethical and responsible behavior within any IGF forum.

Once these things are established, the multistakeholder approach becomes vital to internet governance. It allows for new innovation in internet infrastructure, resolves an centralized institution surrounding the internet, and enhances inclusion of all people. This approach is necessary as the internet is intended for everyone and therefore governance of such requires input from all parties. This connects back to the Maitland Report and access to telecommunications. Moving beyond the situation of telecommunications in the 1980s when the Maitland Report was created, the idea of Multistakeholder Internet Governance takes the same ideas of inclusion and access to knowledge and applies them to the internet, now a main source of communication and information.

By considering all of the perspectives of people who could use internet, we allow for more people to be involved in internet use and overall knowledge. Not only do we allow more access to information and communication in underdeveloped areas, the knowledge these areas have to offer becomes available to the developed world. When these ideas of Traditional Knowledge are shared, it can help solve certain issues seen from scientific knowledge. Overall, by allowing for many perspectives and caring for the issues of everyone involved, the Internet Governance Forum facilitates benefits for all sides to communicate and collaborate on a wide range of issues facing the world today.